Saturday, 28 April 2012

Y: Yellow ((Hieremys annandalii)

Y: Yellow (Hieremys annandalii)  which I hope you will find interesting, I certainly did.

Y is for Yellow and today, I will introduce you to my little friend the -Yellow headed Temple Turtle. These are very large aquatic turtles and they live in the pools and canals around the Buddhist Temples. They have no teeth  as they live on the vegetation and water lilies. Their colouring is interesting with yellow decorative stripes around its head. and under his shell. The top of his shell has two black spots one on either side when young. As he becomes and adult the spots become larger and blend together.

In Cambodia they are found in pools and canals close to the Buddhist temples. They prefer damp wet  evergreen forests and flood plains. when in the rivers, they prefer slow running water.


  1. Do they snap like snapping turtles?

    1. I don't think it comes from the same family, to be honest