Saturday, 14 April 2012

M: Mondulkiri with it's Waterfalls

Mondulkiri is located  eastern border with Cambodia and Vietnam. The scenery and the climate are quite unlike anywhere else in Cambodia. In dry season the weather is  hot with sunshine and during their summer the weather maximum between 27-31ºC.  The hills are covered in grass and you will see pine trees clumped together against the winds. The night temperature can drop considerably and  it can get quite chilly.  It is a hilly and forested area and home of the Phnong people. Its low density population (three inhabitants/km2) coupled with the road situation make it a remote and isolated area with various consequences for access to health care.

The Monorom Waterfall is perfectly located in Deum Sral Village,in the Sèn Monorom District; 5 km away from the main town. It can be accessed by road. There are industrial plantations like rubber, coffee, and cashew nuts on either side of the road.  There are around 277 families living in the Monorom area and their main occupations are farming. Its main points of interest are a spectacular waterfall, dramatic mountainous forest, and fresh air.

The Monorom Waterfall is known by two names, firstly Monorom Waterfall and also “Damnak Sdéch Waterfall” which is located 300-400 m away from the Preah Norodom Sihanouk’s pavilion which was founded between 1960 -1962.

Mondulkiri is located in the north-east of Cambodia bordering Vietnam. Mondulkiri province consists of numerous waterfalls, indigenous culture, national parks and elephant trekking.


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