Tuesday, 10 April 2012


I seem to have a shortage of some letters and so I have spread my wings and have flown south to the coastline.

In 1955 the french/Cambodian construction team made a base camp in a part of the jungle which was unoccupied in  Kampong Som. This was to be the beginning of the construction of the new fishing port. A few years prior to 1955, Cambodia had maintained control of International sea fishing via the Mekong river. After the dissolvement of Indochina,  Mekong Delta took control of Vietnam. This gave them access to the ocean, control of fishing and the building of a new fishing port was agreed.  In 1955-1960 a new road was built. The funding for the road came from France and USA. The workers for the construction of the fishing port, lived in Kampong Som and once the project was completed it was renamed by the King, Sihnoukville.

Due to the fishing port being a great success they also built a hotel on Independence Beach or Sihanoukville and named it Independence Hotel.  Sihanoukville, is situated south west of Phnom Penh the capital of Cambodia.

The beach is long and narrow but when the tide is low there is enough space to relax and enjoy the peaceful sound of the ocean waves. What could be nicer, than wide open space, warm blue waters and soft white sands together with occasional palms to shelter you from the hot sun-rays. As you meander along the sand, the grass umbrellas and cool drinks are available to quench your thirst. Making your way north along the waters-edge, you feel the warm breeze from the ocean gently caressing your shoulders and the sand creeps up between your toes.  Further ahead is a fresh water lake, which is the fresh water source for the town of Phnom Penh.

It has been said, "Crocodiles have been known to bathe there!" 


  1. I'd love to visit Vietnam one day, but I'm wondering if I could stand the flight. I suppose I'd have to have enough money to travel in stages. :-)

  2. When I went over there I flew from Edi - holland and then to HKG Then I flew to Cambodia, It was quite reasonable doing it that way. Depends where your flying from I guess!

    Thanks for the comment!