Tuesday, 17 April 2012

O: Ox Cambodian or Kouprey

The Ox (Kouprey) - is an animal who is shy and evasive.  He stands 5'6" to his shoulder and is grayish in colour. His horns split at the age of three and become frayed as he grows older. He is solid in build and has a large piece of skin which hangs from his neck.  His appetite is huge as he enjoys a good feed of hillside grassland in the open spaces, with dense forestry close by to cool him from the heat of the sun  and protects him from predators.

He and his family group together enjoy a nice muddy pool. There is nothing better, than a mud pool for him and the heard to cool themselves. Another strong part of his personality is that he stays very close to the herd which can be anything up to 20 Oxen, The herd consists of cows, calves and young bulls. The average bull weighs between 680-910kg (1500-2000)lbs.

The Ox (Kouprey)was first known in the West around 1937. It  became knowledge that the Ox had been seen in the north eastern countries including Cambodia. During the years from 1940-1960 there was a notable decline in the numbers of the Ox and by the 1970's due to hunting these beautiful beasts were thought to have become extinct.

However over the years and by 1986, news brought hope, that the Ox  had been seen in southern Laos, eastern Thailand, western Vietnam and southern China, that the breed was still existed. It was believed that the breed had disappeared from Cambodia, but due to hoof tracks being seen and their horns and skulls being sold in the open markets, it was noted that there is still Ox out on the plains of Cambodia.


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