Wednesday, 25 April 2012

V: Vulture - Bird of Prey

Vultures Birds of Prey

Here we have our favourite bird of all time. The Scavengers of the Jungle. 

Vultures found within the province of Stung Treng in Cambodia are between 70-85 cm high. This is classed as medium size. Their heads are darkish with a pinkish grey colouring with silver beaks. They have quite large round eyes and their necks are thick and short, with a white collar around the bottom, a dark black plumage covers the top down to the rump  lower feather which are a silver colour..

The main threat to these birds of prey is caused by lack of sustainable food. With the continual hunting and poaching of buffalo over the years there has been a decline on numbers of vultures in areas of china and Eastern Asia. This was partially caused by a drug used on domestic farm animals to reduce inflammation.  Unfortunately the drug residue remains in carcasses and the vultures were poisoned when consuming the meat.

Apparently the drug is absent in Cambodia and a group of supporting  farmers have set up vulture restaurants to help feed these critically endangered birds. There are two restaurants one in Stung Treng province and the other Siempang and Seasan. These restaurants have been set up by local agricultural farmers by dropping off cows that have not been treated with the drug dichlofenic. Rangers are monitoring and supervising each  restaurant. It has been noted since 1980 that 171  vultures were counted at vulture restaurants.


  1. It's hard to find something nice to say about a vulture. I used to see them flying around looking for something to pick at. Not a pleasant thought.

    You present a different point of view, an endangered species. Interesting post!

  2. I think it so sad, you see some ugly animals but they do have a touch of character about them if you observe them long enough.

    In some ways he looks a little like E.T don't you think? Such a pity the artists hand moved and gave him a beak instead of a mouth. I am sure Mr vulture will have a kind heart somewhere inside of him as well as a little saddness too.

  3. Great post!

    I have to say that I'm pleased that they are making some kind of effort to preserve the vulture population. I hate to think of any species becoming extinct.

    I do quite like vultures but then again I'm all for the 'under-dog'.

    Enjoy the rest of the challenge!

  4. Oh, a woman after my own heart!

    I did notice a little sadness in those eyes of his. It must be awful trapped in a frame and forced to live like that to survive.

    What if he has a brain and doesn't want to live like that any more?


  5. There is sure to be a caring instinct in him somewhere. He has been tagged as a scavenger yet that does not make him evil. he is wild and needs to feed. He knows little else.

    At the same time I wouldn't like him to be on my tail. LOL!

    Thanks for your comment. Cheers!