Tuesday, 24 April 2012

U: Ursus thybetinus

Cambodia Black Bear

There are eight species of bears throughout the world but Cambodian has the black and Sun brown  bears. These are beautiful animals with large bodies and thick sturdy legs. Their heads are broad between the ears with a long snout and smallish eyes. They have flat padded paws with five sharp non-retractable claws.

With an acute sense of smell, it helps them to find berries and other tasty snacks which is their main diet. They have a quick athletic build and are excellent swimmers and climbers. They make their homes in burrows and caves and some do hibernate in the wild. They are naturally very unsociable but have been seen in small groups. This is generally mother bears with their cubs.Ursidae (The Family)

They are nocturnal but some can be crepuscular becoming active (Dawn and Dusk) or diurnal active during (daylight hours).

These beautiful animals are taken as cubs, put in cages and basically tortured and starved only to entertain tourists and travellers or used for medicine. Some are kept tied up and their body parts are removed when still alive and are used for soups, medicine and other awful cruel painful extremes. These beautiful animals are being hunted and butchered as we speak.

Keeping or poaching bears is illegal in Cambodia and despite recent efforts to increase penalties both hunting and killing of the Sun bear and Asiatic black bear continues.

There are many ways to help save these lovely creatures -  at Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre.

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