Sunday, 16 September 2012

Taking The Plunge!

Have you ever felt your clothes are a little to tight or your skin is looking saggy and not at it's best. I recall a few years back when I was desperately overweight. Looking into a mirror and feeling ashamed of my body. I felt old, frumpy and my joints ached. Just walking or moving around began to feel impossible and generally my mental attitude took the plunge.

Two years ago, I was fit and full of energy, I was always busy, competing horses, swimming, visiting the gym and walking .. I never felt the need to check out my diet or keep an eye on my weight, until the past year when I felt that all of my energy and fitness had just got up and went.  Recently, I came across Indigo Horizons which at that time was covering a fitness regime. I thought whey hey, perhaps I should try this and see if it can help me.

Up until recently I lived in the country where I always felt at ease with plenty hill walks and moors to lose yourself on and  lovely people, I knew well. It's only been recently since moving - down to the north-east that everything has changed.  I'm not meaning to sound pathetic but since I became more involved with the Internet my exercise regime went out of the window. Time seemed to fly by and in very short space of time my muscles became soft, my body sagged and junk food became my diet.. In fact I gradually became a fat slob!

Since reading Indigo Horizons  I have been cutting out the junk food and eating a more healthy diet. I am walking regularly, riding my horse more often and although my joints are still painful  I am walking more and cycling when I have spare time. I feel now that it has improved my attitude for instead of procrastinating, I am sitting at my desk and writing this post which is long overdue.

I wonder if perhaps you have felt like I did and if you tried anything to improve your fitness and state of mind. I look back on it now and I'm pleased I took the plunge!!