Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Twitter & Friends

I moved down to Newcastle with my partner as we had great plans to open a shop and run it together and travel. Due to the recession and lack of work, loss financially, I found myself on my own and homeless. I couldn't get work and my savings took a great hammering.

I decided to run my flower business albeit from a warehouse. I knew I would not be able to rely on passing trade, therefore I set to work reclaiming my website and running it together with the Internet. My idea was to create a form of advertising by the aid of social media, twitter and facebook and google+. This is an area I have never tried myself.

When I first joined twitter I could not make head nor tail of it. It has taken me awhile to feel confident enough to make short comments. Despite feeling inadequate at the same time. To begin with I was afraid of looking foolish but I took the bit between my teeth, closed my eyes and jumped in. Since that jump I seem to be making progress albeit a little slower than I'd like to admit. I have made mistakes but have managed to correct most except one or two and I can neither find help nor anyway to resolve them.

Finally I would like to say "Thank goodness for friends" for without a particular friend who has persistently encouraged me in the areas of the Internet, twitter, facebook. She has helped me find the right people to help with my blog.  I would like to say "Thanks Denise!  "I am truly grateful!


Friday, 24 February 2012


Some years ago whilst looking for somewhere to park my car in city of Edinburgh I came across a parking space on Albany Street. It was a miserable wet, cold day as I parked up and switched off the engine.  I felt it was a bit of a walk back to Prince's Street but never mind.

As I stepped out from the car something caught my eye from the other side of the road.  Locking  the car door behind me I felt drawn towards a building which looked like a house with a large red door. Despite the dark clouds and the rain, the building facing me was bright as though it was lit up by something from the sky. The large door was open wide and as I ventured forth I felt I was being beckoned to go in. Once inside I felt so calm and peaceful. It was as though everything that had happened to me up until that point, didn't matter anymore.

I followed the passage until I came to another red door which was slightly ajar and pushing against it, the door opened into a large Georgian drawingroom with row upon row of seats. At the front was a a platform and a lectern with a book placed upon it. There were five seats neatly positioned in a line behind it. The room was well lit, with burgundy red velvet curtains draped across large window and hung from the ceiling to the floor. Everything felt calm, a little like walking into a church but with heating. I seemed to be the only one present, Once again I was urged to go inside and sit down and so I followed my intuition.

A short while later the room began to fill with people and they chatted amongst themselves but I sat quietly at the back nearest the wall hoping no-one was aware I was sitting there. Then four of the people from the audience stepped up and took their seats on the platform. I continued sitting as though motionless and looking on, whilst at the same time wondering to myself - why I was actually there.

Then suddenly as if out of the air I heard a voice saying, "You lady, yes you lady, lady in the corner can I come and talk to you?" I sat praying the floor would just swallow me up. The lady wasted no time. She talked of concerns I had, describing situations that had happened the previous day. "You have an appointment tomorrow," she said "which your a little anxious about." Well, she continued, "I am to tell you not to worry, as all will go well" she announced. I was given a description of someone who only I knew about and she described everything about them and very accurately.  Time seemed to stand still,  and when I eventually came back to earth I was all alone and everyone had gone!

I remember leaving the building and glancing up at a white board which caught my attention. It was then I realised it was a Spiritual Church, I thought it odd that I hadn't noticed the board on my way in.
I arrived home and I remembered coming out of the building but I had no recollection of my actual journey home that evening..

Only the words I had been given, did I remember and have never forgot.


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