Monday, 18 February 2013

Happy Mother Day!!!

With Mother's Day just around the corner. I thought I'd write a sort of shortish poem but no matter how hard I tried to keep this shorter. Writing words just kept on flowing with each line. This poem was meant originally for my website. It should have been a maximum of twelve lines long. I based it round a fictitious family. Due to this lovely family the poem just grew to long..

O' mother dear, you are so sweet,
When all our clothes are in a heap
You go about with a smile so rare, 
When you carry out clothes up the stair.

You bake such wonderful cakes to eat,
Biscuits a sweets are our favourite treats.
You're there when we need you at the end of the phone,
Just hearing your voice we're no longer alone.

All grown up with kids of our own,
So busy rushing there is much to be done,
Young Dan's on the phone, Bill's with his mate
Jeanie's playing netball and she's going to be late.

Gran has arrived thank goodness for that,
She takes off her coat and she takes off her hat.
She boils up the kettle and brews up the tea
And she's baked tiny cakes just for her and for me.

The house has gone quiet, the kids have all gone. 
It's peaceful again in this happy home.
Now lets taste these pretty sweet cakes,
All lovely colours on little white plates..

Now sit yourself down ma'dear, I hear her say,
Drink yer tea whilst it's hot and, then I'll be on my way.
I sit upon my little stool and rest my aching legs,
She pulls her chair up closer and whispering she says..

Doctor Harry called tother day,
Just for a wee chat, I heard him say,
He asked about my gout, and if I'd had,
.. it sorted out?
That nice young doctor Harry Sprout!!

Mother dear, I have a  something for say,
I know your favourite flowers bloomed in May,
Did you not carry them on your wedding day,
So I've made a Freesia basket just for to say
How much we love you.

Happy Mother's Day!

We Love You!