Thursday, 12 July 2012

Cross My Palm with Silver!

I wonder how many of you go and have your palms read by the Gypsies each year. I used to find the whole concept of having my fortune told very interesting. A friend of mine was visited by a gypsy one year at her place of work.  The gypsies gathered together preparing for their visit to the village of St Boswell's. They camped on the verges until the second last week in July when they were allowed to move onto the green.  People would queue for hours to see her and my friend swore by her accuracy. Each year Tina Lee would tell my friend not to see anyone else until she returned the following year. I visited her numerous times but she was never as accurate with me. Recently, due to transferring my horse to a new livery yard. I met with a young lad who talked of his visit to a Gypsy. It was during the month of June when the fair arrived at Town Moor in Newcastle. I had been going through a great deal and I guess I was looking for answers. Lee the young lad talked about the Gypsy and his past three years experience with her saying  - how accurate she was.  At first I thought it might be Tina but it wasn't. I decided despite the horrendous weather to visit this Welsh Gypsy.

On arrival there was a huge queue so we joined at the end and waited patiently. I couldn't help noticing how quiet the other caravans were. They all had boards outside advertising who they were and where they had come from. There were Gypsies standing at the caravan entrance beckoning people passing by to enter, "Cross my palms with silver they called and I will read your past, present and future." We seemed to be waiting forever. My back ached and due to it being  extremely wet with mud up to our calves, it made sense to stay still. Two hours later it was our turn. I urged my friend to go first, hoping I'd have time to loosen my joints before entering her caravan. Then my turn came, as I stepped up into the caravan with my wellington boots and two inch thick mud glued to them, I was embarrassed due to being stiff as I almost fell through the doorway. She sat with her big smile and pointed to the seat opposite her, I sat down. She was a young woman aged mid twenties and quite pretty with her oval coloured painted skin and her long dark almost black hair.  She sat there in all her finery with a huge artificial smile across her face.  From that moment I felt a victim as she began to interrogate me with her big painted smile   After one glance at my hands she said," I should take a look at myself in the mirror and that I should start acting and looking like a woman.before I reach my 50's " I explained that I had just come from seeing my horse but she shook her head continuously and said, "I should just go back to the horse and live with it in the stable. Then she went on to say I should wear make-up and perfume.There were many other insults throughout my ten minutes reading some of which I would prefer not to disclose. This reading cost me five pounds for ten minutes. I have had many reading from  psychic/ mediums alike and no-one has ever spoken to me like that. I know I shall never frequent another Gypsy as long as I live. It was the most appalling experience I have ever had.