Thursday, 24 May 2012

Baskets and Troughs

Today I am planting up my baskets and planters. I know your probably all saying I'm late but today is the first chance I have had since I have returned to Natural Twigs n Spices.

Just the other day, I came across two extra containers and baskets. I myself, prefer wrought iron containers as I like to fill them with lots of moss. I recalled seeing moss which was left over from Christmas, so I thought I would use it. I set to work and in no time at all the baskets and planters were lined.  

Next was a layer of cellophane or polythene to help contain the moisture therefore avoiding the container or basket from drying out. I snip the polythene to allow excess water to escape. I then filled each basket with a compost mixture. This year I have cheated and purchased  a 60 litre bag of compost. Previously I have always made my own.

I then covered the baskets to retain the moisture until I am ready to add the plants.
Having left over night to settle, I prepare my planting material.

Today the sun was shining so I pushed on with the planting. A few weeks ago I purchased a number of basket and container plants which included Fuchsia upright and trailing, Verbena,  Bacopa, Nepeta, trailing Lobelia and Suffinias of various colours and I have mixed them through.

I hope they will look as pretty as my other baskets which I have done in the past. I have some plants left over which I shall find homes in and around the garden alternatively I may give them to a friend. 

It is beginning to warm up outside, they are hanging in the greenhouse waiting for the weather to settle and frost to subside.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Seven Random Facts About Me

I would like to say thanks to Siv Maria. for this  Lovely and Kreative award and I love it. However I must continue circulating it throughout the land of blog which of course means I must share Seven random facts about myself and then pass these awards onto other blogger's. The awards were designed by two lovely ladies, with beautiful personalities. I  hope I can do the award justice and to include any random facts that may make you smile. So here's "looking at you all!" 
  • Well I'm not sure if I'm very random these days, although perhaps I should leave it for you to decide. Some years ago I decided to do things for me instead of everyone else. I have a desire to cure my tremor. This is not perhaps the medicinal way of curing the problem but it's my theory and I shall leave it for you to ponder on whether you think it's a good one or not! 
  • For my 50th birthday, I decided I would try everything I had never done, at least once. I have always been interested in living on the edge and I am very competitive once I have the hang of it. The first experience was to fly a glider which I did and loved. The second was to zip-wire off the Tyne Bridge, this one I have yet to carry though. Most of all I have a desire to para-glide on my own.. I just cant wait for the thrill. My friends and family think I'm bonkers!
  • As I love being outdoors, I'm at my happiest when out visiting friends, riding my beautiful thoroughbred grey horse Alfie. Neither of us are spring chickens but we both enjoy a good power stroll through the forestry. Once a year we parade fully plaited and turned out looking frightfully smart for our five minute jaunt at Christmas time where  show everyone how stiff we both are to the melody of "Here Comes Santa Claus," its Alf's high light of the year and if he is happy then I am too!
  • I look after my father, as well as taking orders, making bouquets and delivering them. Writing my blog post, keeping my website up-to-date.  Riding, teaching, healing, and  the usual chores. However, when the"sun his hat on," I'm off with the work clothes and on with the shorts, jump into the car, shades on and head to the beach". To the wide open spaces, the ocean and golden sand and me. At that time of the day either, "No-one will have surfaced or they will have all gone! That's my idea of peace and most importantly "freedom" together with Cream and the music;  Dance floor is like the sea, Ceiling is the sky. You're the sun and as you shine on me,  I feel free, I feel free, I feel free.                                  Lyrics by Jack Bruce
  • When I was younger I loved my job and ended up giving every minute I had to it, eventually becoming its slave. I worked long unsociable hours and the years passed me by. I had my family I miscarried my first, a little sadness on my part there. Later my daughter arrived. My marriage dissolved so I ended  struggling to bring her up on my own. Now I look at my daughter and I'm so proud of her, she has accomplished all the things I'd want her to. It would be lovely if she met a nice man to give me some grandchildren.
  • I love socialising, going out for meals with friends and occasionally a handsome gent but that doesn't happen very often. I'm not a red meat fan. I love fish which is my main diet. I love all fruit and vegetables and can eat fish raw or cooked, I'm easy. I like All types of food provided its not swimming in grease, Hot and spicy, Cantonese, Chinese, Italian and Indian is good too.  I love good full bodied red wine Merlot which is my favourite but white is okay on occasion too. Champagne is delicious but I'm not rich enough to drink that very often - sadly!
  • I love all types of music, "Smooth" music, BBC 3 Classical FM and radio BBC 4, Where would we all be with out them. and still do but I have found I'm becoming more fond of Radio four. Is that a sign I'm getting old, do you think. I love listening to a good story on radio four. If all else fails I read a book. Although recently I tend to live sleep and drink on the Internet and in that order.

Thank you funny and beautiful  Siv Maria for these lovely awards. Please make sure to check out Siv's blogs post, with her interesting fairy stories from Norway and visit Judy Garland with her magic red shoes.  Also the  LOVELY MELYNDA and CREATIVE KATIE O'SULLIVAN  together with their great blogs. Here are my picks for random exposure, no pressure feel free to use them as you wish.
These are the blogs I think are creative.
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Friday, 11 May 2012

My Reflections!

April 30 2012, the April Blog Challenge came to an end.

My theme was Cambodia although I wont say it was an easy theme. I am happy to say that it was both enjoyable and it took me back down memory lane. Due to the different themes which were chosen not everyone would have managed to complete every letter  but we all gave it our best shot. Cambodia seemed to be the one thought that sprung to mind when I first signed up to the Challenge. Not sure what I was getting into I went along with the theme.

I enjoyed the researching of each letter, it certainly gave me something to get my head into and I met some of the most  delightful people at the same time. Which made it so much more worthwhile. Since the start I have covered everything from flying experiences to travelling in junks, visiting temples, finding information on birds, animal, fish and reptiles most of which turned out to be endangered or red listed.

I appreciate that Cambodia is not everyone's cup of tea. This has been a first time I have ever applied myself to writing regularly every day since I was at college. It has been very good for me, as like many of you, I am inclined to procrastinate. Whilst on the challenge I have worked my way through so much more than I would have done in a normal day. From here on in, I am hoping to write and post each day with new topics and planning each of my days as though the challenge is still running. I would certainly pick a theme again for 2013 if I am still around. There were some interesting story posts. which I thoroughly enjoyed reading

So let us all pop open a bottle of Champagne, Wine or Sparkling water and whatever your tipple and pour ourselves a glass of whatever appeals and let us raise our glasses.;-

To our Hosts
Thank them for making the April 2012 Blog Challenge so enjoyable, and thank them for all their hard work.
Let us also raise our glasses and thank every one who joined in for all of their support and guidance and Last but not least

"3 Cheers" to everyone including ourselves and a big pat on the back for all our hard work. 

Oh and before I go. 

Sorry I'm four days late but doc say's I will be in bed for at least another five days!! 

Friday, 4 May 2012


Sick Bay

Hi everybody, sorry I haven't been around since Monday to read all your posts but I was mowed over by a virus. I have managed to switch on the laptop today, first time this week and I'm looking forward to reading your posts on Monday when I return.  Congratulations to everybody on making it through your A-Z.See you Monday! 

 Jenni   x