Monday, 2 April 2012

C: Chau Say Tevoda Temple

During  1120-1150AD, King Suryavarman II, designer of Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom created a small  beautifully feminine Hindu temple  Chau Say Tevoda.  King Yasovarman II, reigned 1160-1166 and during his six years he added his delights to the temple. In 1181 King Jayavarman VII, took over and incorporated his own artistic female designs, including devatas both inside the temple and out. The temple was then converted from Hinduism to Buddhism.

Chao Say Tevoda temple consisted of one central sanctuary, two libraries and four gate-ways, which stood at each cardinal point. Sadly due to centuries of natural corrosion and decay  Chao  Say Tevoda longer exists.

Ceiba pentandra
Commonly know as the kapok is very fast growing deciduous tree. Reaching well over one hundred fifty feet high. It grows in Preay Kan where its roots grow through doorways entrances and roofs. The flower blooms at night borne in clusters of pink, white or yellow. The leaves are lanceolate and palmately compound leaves (5-9 leaflets). Light weight silky-down seed pods are collected by fruit bats and scattered. Also known as Java cotton these silky-down seed heads are used for stuffing pillows, filling jackets or upholstering chairs and sofas. There is also an oil which is used for cooking and making soap. Seeds, leaves, bark and resin have been used to treat various forms of disease including dysentery and kidney disease. The trunks were dug-out and made into boats. They believed the kapok tree was sacred and the souls of the dead would climb up into the heavens.


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