Thursday, 25 October 2012

Autumn Leaves..

October's almost over and November is but a few days away yet we're well through autumn and heading towards winter now. With its crisp, sharp nippy mornings, which almost take your breath away. You feel the chill mostly as you step out of your front door and shiver as you watch your breath freeze in the still morning air. Tall magnificent trees, stand before you in full splendour of autumn colour. The clocks go back the days grow darker and most trees will have almost shed their leaves. Other shrubs and trees are bare. They retain their colour through their stems. They enlighten the bare undergrowth. A mixture of  leaves lie crisp at your feet and they crackle as you walk through them on a frosty morning.

Above your head the sunlight dapples its rays throughout the branches of the trees. Then casting  your eyes through the lower hanging branches, you see nature's own workers marking their own territory with mosaic masterpiece's of silken threads which sparkle in the morning dew.  Their fine threads, difficult to see until... "Oops' .. it's to late ... your face, is covered in their fine sticky threads. You're so busy trying to remove them from your face, when you almost stumble upon a tree root sticking up out from the undergrowth. Clearing your face you manage to gather yourself together and luckily restrain yourself from falling head long into the cold damp leaves.

The days drag by and with each day the temperature plummets down and down it goes. The cold frosty air laces itself upon anything that is metal and Jack frost dances round the doors and windows. The ground begins to harden and it's time for nature to sleep.


  1. Hi Jenni - great post about autumn turning to wintertime ... it is certainly coming. I look out over some tall trees in the distance - the west side there are no leaves, the middle they're orange, on the east side they're green and the little tree beside it is sheltered and is still green ... nature knows what it is doing (usually) ... thankfully spring is on its way!!

    Cheers Hilary

  2. We are certainly moving into winter. How often do we have snow in October! Personally I much prefer spring.

    I really need to catch up on some posts this week, since returning from my holiday I seem to have fallen behind.

    Cheers Jenni