Friday, 1 June 2012

Keith's Pride


Isn't it strange when one particular situation can turn your life and everyone else's lives upside down.

Let me explain. Since moving south, I brought my daughters horse with me which has involved keeping him at livery. The yard where he stays is absolutely perfect. The horses all get on well together and it is a beautifully run yard with lots of good amenities. The owners Glenda and Keith are the ideal animal lovers and treat each horse with a calm relaxing attitude. Glenda is a keen horse woman, whilst Keith is a little wary of them but is a keener boatman.  Although Keith had a fear of horses when I first met them, I was pleased to learn that he and Alf gelled completely. Alf would head-butt Keith and Keith would punch him back. It grew into a regular game between them and over time Keith grew braver and  no-one else was allowed to do him.. Keith told me on a few occasions that Alf was his pride and joy. Well you can imagine his surprise look when I told him Alf's registered racing name - can't you, "Keith's Pride" Over the past four years Alf has become so chilled and has put on loads of condition. He had everyone bar one person wrapped around his hoof and everyone loved his character - who wouldn't have!

A few days ago I received a phone call from Glenda advising me that Alf was in great form, unfortunately however we have some bad news. Your thoughts of course are, "well if my horse is okay, then what on earth could be bad." Then she told me,  apparently the Equestrian Centre had been sold. They buyer wants it  as a private yard. The Equestrian Centre has been on the market for a number of years and since the recession, very few people were buying. I guess it was at the back of our minds but one tends to over look these things after awhile - don't we?. Suddenly everyone is in a mad panic to re-home their horses.

Alf won't be so easy to re-home, sadly. He is terribly insecure and worries when he is with no-one he knows. Some people would think he was crazy for he can't bear hanging around to be cleaned up and expects everything to be done ten minutes ago. However he is lovely to ride once you get him tacked up and your on top, then he is in his element.. One Christmas we did dressage to music, the run up to the big day was great fun and he absolutely loved it. His biggest problem is that he hates change and wants everyone to love him. He was twenty-one this year but he was a leap year foaly, so does that actually make him  just over five? He has the mentality of a five years old. One person  who wasn't so keen on him reckoned if he was human he would be on Valium. Alfie is a typical thoroughbred but we love him and I like everyone else  am now looking for the perfect home.

If you have any comments or have your own erotic horse I'd love to hear your views. Until then Thanks for stopping by. 

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