Saturday, 2 June 2012


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I know I have completed my post for random facts regarding both  My Lovely Blogger Award and Kreativ Blogger but it wasn't until now that I realised they are actually separate. So I have decided to give this Kreativ Blogger Award by Kate O'Sullivan the credit it is due together with seven random facts  also.

So here they are albeit a little shorter than before.
  • Although I'm blonde in the profile picture my hair is now actually dark with highlights which is my natural colour.
  • My eyes are hazel and my skin is quite brown due to being out in the elements.
  • I wear contact lenses but when writing I sometimes wear plus twos as well.
  • I enjoy reading and -writing my blog and would like to write my own book at some point. I I'm working hard to become a good blogger. I  enjoy reading but the book must have me gripping my seat with a twist in it. I have recently read Jim Browns latest Novel BOOM!! Which was awesome.
  • I was a bit over weight about nine months ago but now I'm slim to medium build Which I do prefer.
  • My favourite colours are green, pink, deep blues, Creams and greys except yellow and browns sadly - I don't suit yellows and browns.
  • I am a great one despite all my efforts for arriving late, I don't like to be late for anything

Well these are my seven random facts which give you a little information about me. To be honest, I feel this post is perhaps the way I should  go and avoid getting to intense. Well thank you for popping by and reading my post. The people I have nominated for this Lovely Kreative Award are as follows:-

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  1. It's nice to know a little more about you, Jenni. I always appreciate you visiting my blog and your comments brighten my day.

    I think you're doing a good job blogging. But don't wait too long to start writing outside of the blog. . .

  2. Hi, thanks for your encouraging comments. I do have some ideas and perhaps I might one day surprise you. Lol!

    Cheers Jenni