Saturday, 31 March 2012

My Theme for A-Z Challenge 2012

I have only recently started blogging and when my good friend mentioned the A-Z April 2012 Challenge, I thought she'd gone stark raving bonkers!

I have always been involved with the outdoors working manually. It has been many years since I have sat down with pen and ink and wrote a letter let alone write a blog post. However in my heart I have always yearned to write but due to my shaky hands I have tended to sway away from anything connected with writing. However having realised that my heart is screaming to be heard and so I have taken the plunge and signed up five days ago. So here I am and this is my theme which is based on the history of Angkor Wat. The words Angkor Wat stand for a City or a Temple

City or a Temple

I choose this theme because my niece went out to Cambodia in 1995 with the intention to work out there with the native children. She loved it so much that when she returned to England and studied at Oxford University the Cambodian language. Then she returned to Cambodia to continue her work. In 2005 I went out to visit her in Phnom Pehn, it was a real culture shock for me and an experience I shall never forget.

I am really looking forward to this A-Z Challenge April 2012 now.


  1. Hi Jenni .. I had to come back and see your intro to your theme for the Challenge - hope you're enjoying it.

    Amazing that your neice went and studied Cambodian at Oxford .. and is now working out there .. must be fascinating.

    So I'm looking forward to reading your posts to catch up ..

    Good to meet you and thanks for commenting .. cheers Hilary

  2. Hi Hilary, I am loving meeting you all a learning all about history and all these fascinating stories.

    My niece came home from Cambodia about four years ago to get married and start her family.

    Thanks for you comments, I'm looking forward to reading your posts too!

    Cheers Jenni