Saturday, 31 March 2012

A: A City or a Temple!

This first post is my declaration for the A-Z Blog Challenge!

Angkor temple was built by King Suryavarman at the beginning of the twelfth century, He built it to illustrate his importance. When later died he dedicated it to the Hindu God Vishnu

Angkor Wat was considered  the most extraordinary architectural and most beautiful of all the temples in Cambodia. The pyramid was built on three levels consisting of the centre mount with its five separate towers which stand 64 metres high, each beautifully crafted. The first level was known as Mount Meru and was the home of the gods. The second level was the wall one mile long which ran around the outside of the mount, this represented the mountains containing the world. Finally a wide moat made up the third level, which hugged outside of the wall and represented the oceans.. Sculptural carvings could be seen along the walls with mythical creatures telling a story.

As you enter Angkor Wat, Mount Meru tower is on your right. Images made of sandstone guard the cross way of the dark damp passages. Most are headless due to looting. Murals made of light sandstone carvings and base-relief friezes cover most of the walls both inside and out. Inside the temple, carvings of dancing apsaras and devatas cover the pillars and the walls. On the outside walls apsaras together with ethereal beings perform before the gods. Apsaras are beautiful mythical young maidens with long hair and exquisitely formed bodies. Illustrations can be seen everywhere within the temple and their carvings in light sandstone along the wall of Mount Meru.

The Sunrises and sets with its rich red, vibrant orange and yellow majestic hues, lightening up the skies behind the Angkor Wat.


  1. Cool. The building itself sounds awesome, the sunrises sound amazing.

  2. Hi Libby,

    It seems we were lucky for we did manage to see the sunset and it was quite breath taking. Many thanks!