Thursday, 1 December 2016

Friends Forever - Never Forgotten

Alfie my dearest and loyal friend, how much we owe to you.
For over the years from the first day we met, I felt something special in you,
Especially, down at Chapel where you galloped wild and free
In amongst the ponies and under the big oak tree,
Where you’d spend many an hour with your good faithful friend, Rocky.

You’ve been a great servant, whilst living through your days,
By giving confidence to youngsters, and reassurance of your ways.
You have even been the healer as healing horses do,
You healed my back so many times with those loving “Jolts from you.”

Now as we reminisce those good Old days when you were young
When Lou, would catch you down the lane on her way from school. 
 With a bag slung over her shoulder full of heavy books n stuff,
  She’d climb on board your bare back and aim
 you straight for home.  

The day Lou visited you up in amongst the neds 
You could not take your eyes off her but followed her instead,
And as you followed her “Too and Fro” in and out of the furrows
You were not so much a flighty lad but more of spritely fellow.

Today we stand united as only friends can do,
Your old and weary body has now given up on you.
You stand amongst so many friends you've recently come to know,
And your earthly body’s all tired out and can’t hold on any more,
Your spirit soul once deep inside is ready to take flight!
Now spread those beautiful wings my friend,
Now fly home and out of site.



  1. What a lovely poem, Jenni. I'm so sorry for your loss. He was such a handsome, sweet boy 😢

    1. So pleased you enjoyed my poem. I really enjoyed writing it too. I Thank you.