Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Journey...

My Journey

Four months ago, I was feeling as though something was missing from my life. The problem was I had no idea what it was that was missing. Sometimes I felt I was lacking a sense of purpose whilst other times I felt I had lost direction altogether but, whatever it was that was missing had been missing for a while.

Earlier in the year I tried reading a number of self-help books in the hope that I might be inspired. However, the majority of books I read left me feeling disillusioned. I realised gradually that I was not alone though, and the majority of people looking for guidance were actually in the same position as me.

Then quite recently, I received an email with a link to “Create a Bug Free Mind” and “Using a Bug Free Mind”, two books written by Andy Shaw. In “Create a Bug Free Mind”, Andy, compares your mind to a computer with a virus. He implies that by loading your mind with new information, when it is full of garbage, you cannot expect it to work properly. Ideally you must first eliminate all the ingrained self-destroying beliefs. Once your mind is clear you can re-take control of your thoughts. The following book “Using a Bug Free Mind”.  Andy’s book explains how you apply structure to the way you think and by following his advice you will learn how to manifest your dreams. I suggest that if you’re looking for a new direction and inspiration then Andy’s books are a must for you! 

At first glance, I thought the books looked like any other self-help books. However after reading the first few chapters, I became so involved with the content and Andy’s unique style of writing that I could not put the book down. I love his way of teaching as he explained everything so clearly and, in such detail. Soon my brain was buzzing and after reading the first two chapters which were free. I made the decision to purchase his two books. When the books arrived I set to work and I totally immersed myself into studying and applying Andy’s techniques to my mind. His down-to-earth approach made everything easy to understand and even when I felt myself slipping back into my old ways, his words were always there, reminding me to go back and re-read a particular chapter. He recommends that you re-read chapters at least three times until you understand them thoroughly then you simply apply. Since starting I have already seen many changes in my life. This is a complete step by step program to changing the way you think. Andy’s books are life changing. I am finding them invaluable on my journey to enlightenment. The step by step program is sensational and I am looking forward to what comes next on this journey to finding the new me.

If you are interested in finding out more about Andy’s method he is allowing you to try the first five chapters which are free with “Create a Bug Free Mind”, and the first three chapters of “Using a Bug Free Mind”, which are also free

If you are interested in any of  his books, then please just click on this (affiliate) link below it takes you to his website.  

This is an affiliate link which means that if you purchase the books using this link I will receive a small percentage of any profit.. Please be reassured that this will not cost you anything extra.

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