Thursday 1 December 2016

Friends Forever - Never Forgotten

Alfie my dearest and loyal friend, how much we owe to you.
For over the years from the first day we met, I felt something special in you,
Especially, down at Chapel where you galloped wild and free
In amongst the ponies and under the big oak tree,
Where you’d spend many an hour with your good faithful friend, Rocky.

You’ve been a great servant, whilst living through your days,
By giving confidence to youngsters, and reassurance of your ways.
You have even been the healer as healing horses do,
You healed my back so many times with those loving “Jolts from you.”

Now as we reminisce those good Old days when you were young
When Lou, would catch you down the lane on her way from school. 
 With a bag slung over her shoulder full of heavy books n stuff,
  She’d climb on board your bare back and aim
 you straight for home.  

The day Lou visited you up in amongst the neds 
You could not take your eyes off her but followed her instead,
And as you followed her “Too and Fro” in and out of the furrows
You were not so much a flighty lad but more of spritely fellow.

Today we stand united as only friends can do,
Your old and weary body has now given up on you.
You stand amongst so many friends you've recently come to know,
And your earthly body’s all tired out and can’t hold on any more,
Your spirit soul once deep inside is ready to take flight!
Now spread those beautiful wings my friend,
Now fly home and out of site.


Friday 16 January 2015

Happy New Year 2015!!

Starting today January 16 2015,

For me this is not a year for making resolutions as I have in the past and possibly so many of you will think of doing, only to discard them come the end of January or sometime over the coming months. Instead this year I intend to look forward with the attitude that I have already accomplished everything I planned. By having this mental attitude I hope I will conquer so much more.

Over the past year, I feel I have neglected some of my close friends, so I will make time to visit them and enjoy good nights out. In the past, I have felt awkward chatting on Twitter, Facebook and other media in case I give to much away. This year I will work harder on my social media  and look at attract like minded followers. In short I guess as the saying goes "Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today." So on that note I will post comments on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, each day building my social media.

Yesterday, I recently joined a 99 day Push! Focused Challenge with "The New Hypnotists," Each day I shall do a hypnosis session, a good turn for a neighbour  and write a post each week.connected with various forms o Healing, Hypnosis and Self Development sharing my experience and any topics that come up. I hope that you will enjoy the content  and feel free to comment or question anything if it applies to yourself.

It has been awhile since I wrote on Natural Twigs and Spices but now that I have a desired project in hand and a goal to reach I feel my path is once again opening up in front of me, Thank you for reading my post..

Thursday 22 August 2013

The Journey...

My Journey

Four months ago, I was feeling as though something was missing from my life. The problem was I had no idea what it was that was missing. Sometimes I felt I was lacking a sense of purpose whilst other times I felt I had lost direction altogether but, whatever it was that was missing had been missing for a while.

Earlier in the year I tried reading a number of self-help books in the hope that I might be inspired. However, the majority of books I read left me feeling disillusioned. I realised gradually that I was not alone though, and the majority of people looking for guidance were actually in the same position as me.

Then quite recently, I received an email with a link to “Create a Bug Free Mind” and “Using a Bug Free Mind”, two books written by Andy Shaw. In “Create a Bug Free Mind”, Andy, compares your mind to a computer with a virus. He implies that by loading your mind with new information, when it is full of garbage, you cannot expect it to work properly. Ideally you must first eliminate all the ingrained self-destroying beliefs. Once your mind is clear you can re-take control of your thoughts. The following book “Using a Bug Free Mind”.  Andy’s book explains how you apply structure to the way you think and by following his advice you will learn how to manifest your dreams. I suggest that if you’re looking for a new direction and inspiration then Andy’s books are a must for you! 

At first glance, I thought the books looked like any other self-help books. However after reading the first few chapters, I became so involved with the content and Andy’s unique style of writing that I could not put the book down. I love his way of teaching as he explained everything so clearly and, in such detail. Soon my brain was buzzing and after reading the first two chapters which were free. I made the decision to purchase his two books. When the books arrived I set to work and I totally immersed myself into studying and applying Andy’s techniques to my mind. His down-to-earth approach made everything easy to understand and even when I felt myself slipping back into my old ways, his words were always there, reminding me to go back and re-read a particular chapter. He recommends that you re-read chapters at least three times until you understand them thoroughly then you simply apply. Since starting I have already seen many changes in my life. This is a complete step by step program to changing the way you think. Andy’s books are life changing. I am finding them invaluable on my journey to enlightenment. The step by step program is sensational and I am looking forward to what comes next on this journey to finding the new me.

If you are interested in finding out more about Andy’s method he is allowing you to try the first five chapters which are free with “Create a Bug Free Mind”, and the first three chapters of “Using a Bug Free Mind”, which are also free

If you are interested in any of  his books, then please just click on this (affiliate) link below it takes you to his website.  

This is an affiliate link which means that if you purchase the books using this link I will receive a small percentage of any profit.. Please be reassured that this will not cost you anything extra.

Thursday 20 June 2013


Have you ever had the feeling that you were here for a reason?

I have felt this way for many years and no matter what I do I always end at the cross-road.  Like most of you, I began to read various books, trying to gather information together from Inspirational, Affirmation's and Self- Help books, including "Think and Grow Rich and The Secret"to name but a few. I also watched video's and  webinar's but still nothing seemed to actually work. I followed my spiritual path for many year's until one morning I awoke and I didn't feel the same about it anymore.
Last week whilst surfing the Internet I came across another self- help book. This one was called "A Bug Free Mind" written by Andy Shaw. His website offered free viewing of the first five chapters, of both books "Creating A Bug Free Mind and Using A Bug Free Mind" if you registered .Well I just had to read them, supposing  I never went any further, I thought I could then tick another self help book off my list. So I signed up and started reading...

The first chapter is all about taking back control of your mind from your ego. You need to think of a happy memory and then try and hold it for up to fifteen seconds to begin with. I know this sounds simple but I found it quite difficult at the start as I could not think of a happy memory at that time. Once you have your memory you must apply it regularly throughout your day.  Andy's ideas are good and he seems to have the patience of a saint.

The introduction was excellently written and the language really helps to attract your attention. Alan is down to earth and his intention is to help you turn your life around. He strongly emphasises that you must try hard to build your foundation ready to apply his techniques. As I read on I felt as though Alan, was sitting in the chair opposite me, calmly explaining  "Creating A Bug Free Mind," and how to take control of it. His words were clear, concise and I found I understood everything he conveyed. .He  suggested re-reading chapters and paragraph's until you grasp the contents and their meanings,, then apply accordingly..At first it was hard to grasp and keep it for five seconds let alone fifteen seconds. By the third attempt I was able to hold it for almost fifteen seconds.. I continued to practise throughout my day's and .by day three I was up to 20 seconds. By day four I thought I had almost mastered it and was able to hold it for ten minutes. Then this morning while driving home in my car I became aware that something was different about me.Needless to say, I'm hooked and yesterday, I purchased two of his books!  If you would like to know more just click on this link

Disclaimer: I am in no way connected to this book  I am not an affiliate and will not receive any money for mentioning it.

Tuesday 18 June 2013


I'm ashamed to admit, that despite swearing on my oath earlier this year that I would not be distracted in the year 2013,  I have to admit I have failed miserably. I am not making excuses but I have not been deliberately avoiding writing but merely busy in other areas of my life. During the past two months, my dad went into hospital again for another operation and when he came home I was running around after him like a headless chicken.

Then the renovations began both inside and out to the house. First of all we had a new bathroom fitted which took approximately a week. Then the work began on our garage which has been converted into a workshop for my "flower business!" and incidentally, was followed by a porch on the front of the house. From start to finish it has taken a while but what a difference. The house with it's cobbled brick driveway now looks so much nicer  since I have planted up a few containers and planters.

Later we were informed that the "Opencast Mining", were moving onto the land where my horse Alf grazes.  That came as quite a shock and so I frantically called various places to see if there were any vacancies. I was lucky and found a yard with plenty grazing for him and so much closer to home.. which was perfect. So you see, I have been keeping busy, albeit not quite in the direction I actually should have been.

Early this year, I joined a fitness health regime online and I took up badminton training. I am proud to say that I have managed to keep badminton on going, as it played two roles for me. provided me with a good workout and secondly.. it also gave me a break from my dad and the walls of our house, which seem to have become my prison. More importantly, I have to admit that the journey in finding my true niche still seems far away.. But, I'm not a quitter and will keep on searching and hopefully in the not-so-distant future... I'll stumble upon it!  If you have any suggestions on how I can find my niche just leave a message at the bottom here or follow me on face-book, Thanks for taking the time to read my post!

Monday 18 February 2013

Happy Mother Day!!!

With Mother's Day just around the corner. I thought I'd write a sort of shortish poem but no matter how hard I tried to keep this shorter. Writing words just kept on flowing with each line. This poem was meant originally for my website. It should have been a maximum of twelve lines long. I based it round a fictitious family. Due to this lovely family the poem just grew to long..

O' mother dear, you are so sweet,
When all our clothes are in a heap
You go about with a smile so rare, 
When you carry out clothes up the stair.

You bake such wonderful cakes to eat,
Biscuits a sweets are our favourite treats.
You're there when we need you at the end of the phone,
Just hearing your voice we're no longer alone.

All grown up with kids of our own,
So busy rushing there is much to be done,
Young Dan's on the phone, Bill's with his mate
Jeanie's playing netball and she's going to be late.

Gran has arrived thank goodness for that,
She takes off her coat and she takes off her hat.
She boils up the kettle and brews up the tea
And she's baked tiny cakes just for her and for me.

The house has gone quiet, the kids have all gone. 
It's peaceful again in this happy home.
Now lets taste these pretty sweet cakes,
All lovely colours on little white plates..

Now sit yourself down ma'dear, I hear her say,
Drink yer tea whilst it's hot and, then I'll be on my way.
I sit upon my little stool and rest my aching legs,
She pulls her chair up closer and whispering she says..

Doctor Harry called tother day,
Just for a wee chat, I heard him say,
He asked about my gout, and if I'd had,
.. it sorted out?
That nice young doctor Harry Sprout!!

Mother dear, I have a  something for say,
I know your favourite flowers bloomed in May,
Did you not carry them on your wedding day,
So I've made a Freesia basket just for to say
How much we love you.

Happy Mother's Day!

We Love You!


Friday 11 January 2013

Best Wing Forward!!

                Hello, you lovely people,

Here we are twelve days into the new year and already I am focusing on the direction ahead. I get so excited at the start of each year, making plans and decisions for the future month's ahead.

Over the past year, I have learned a great deal about social media, blogging, tweeting and keeping my posts up-to-date. Strangely enough I found it all quite tedious to begin with but laterally I'm pleased to admit I'm actually getting to grips with it and enjoying it all so much more.

This year, I will write my thoughts and plans on my post and publish them. I must confess I am inclined to procrastinate so, I feel I will accomplish so much more being aware you all know my plan and by the end of 2013, I will have completed all my tasks!!

Apart from my floristry business which I am very passionate about and love, I have signed up for Goodreads 2013 Book Challenge. I will read one book per month over the following twelve months. I appreciate most of you will be completing many more books but I feel this would be a good challenge for me... Yeah!

I intend to update Natural Twigs n Spices and my new blog The Quartz Rose which is going to be an extension of my website but with a twist and involving meditations, healings and in time, treatments and courses. I will write one post per week  for each blog to begin with. My challenge on Twitter, will be to reach 4,000 tweets with quotes on various topics, recent news updates, retweets and any other subjects or gossip by the end of 2013! Yeah!!

I started a Creative Writing Course sometime back and floundered badly along the way, so I have decided to pick up where I left off and continue the course.  I  hope to be closer to my dream this time next year if not before. So here's to a "Best wing forward and finding my writer's voice".

What are your plans for 2013 and are you starting any new businesses?
Any suggestion would be very welcome. So please leave a comment, I don't bite or sting!!